NLP Engineer

3 - 5 Years

Chennai -- TamilNadu

  • Understanding of NLP techniques for text representation, semantic extraction techniques, data structures, and modeling
  • Ability to effectively design software architecture
  • Deep understanding of text representation techniques (such as n-grams, a bag of words, sentiment analysis, etc), statistics and classification algorithms
  • Knowledge of Python, Java, and R
  • Ability to write robust and testable code
  • Experience with machine learning frameworks (like Keras or PyTorch) and libraries (like sci-kit learn)
  • Strong communication skills
  • An analytical mind with problem-solving abilities
  • Develop programs in Scala and Python as part of data cleaning and processing
  • Responsible to design and develop distributed, high volume, high-velocity multi-threaded event processing systems
  • Develop efficient software code for multiple use cases leveraging Python and Big Data technologies for various use cases built on the platform
  • Provide high operational excellence guaranteeing high availability and platform stability
  • Implement scalable solutions to meet the ever-increasing data volumes, using big data/cloud technologies Apache Spark, Kafka, and Cloud computing, etc.

Qualification :

Any Degree

Primary Responsibilities :

Full stack development

Python,AI,Machine Learning,Deep Learning

Sql,Java,Python Libraries

Job details

Year of Experience: 3 - 5 Years

Job type: Hire

Number of openings: 100

Job created : 28.05.2020